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Meet Chandra Muenster:

Hear Chandra's inspiring story of strength, faith, and hope that led her  to a commitment of helping others, like her son, believe in their dreams.  Learn how your donation can help The Rolling Futures Foundation make a difference. 

Meet Tim Nagel:

Hear how years of hard work and dedication to the sport he loves helped him achieve his dreams! Click play to hear his story.

Coach JT.  Winner of the 2011

Ed Owen Coach of the Year Award.


     My name is Jerry Terry. I’m excited to be able to share some of my story with you and I’m even more excited to support The Rolling Futures Foundation to make a huge difference in the lives of so many amazing kids in our communities.
     At just 13 years old, my life changed forever in a domestic violence situation. I  was very fortunate to be on the phone with one of my friends when my stepdad and my mom got into another fight. After telling my friend to hold on, I walked into the other room to see my stepdad shoot my mom. He then turned and shot me. I immediately collapsed because the bullet severed my spine. Thinking I was dead, his focus went back to my mom. He shot her again, killing her, then he took his own life right in front of me. My friend heard the yelling and gun shots from the phone and when I did not return to him, he called 911 for help.  My world changed in an instant; I spent the next year in the hospital and rehab. When I got out, I lived with my real dad in the Dallas area. During that time, I hated life and I was filled with anger and rage.
     At 15 years old, I found wheelchair basketball. It was great fun to play, but there were very few other kids. In fact, most all of the other players were adults. They were encouraging and helpful to me during this rough time in my life. Over the next 10 years I struggled with anger, rage and bitterness at life and others. After seeing so many other kids struggle physically and emotionally with their own paralyzing accidents, I finally decided I wanted to make a difference in their lives. I wanted to be the one to help them deal with their anger and pain.
     I began coaching wheelchair basketball and have now been working with kids in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area for almost 20 years. By working through sports and encouraging kids and their families I began to see them set free. I began to see them start to have hope and start to dream about their future goals. It was a slow start, but over the years I have been able to help almost a dozen kids go on to play wheelchair basketball with a college scholarship. Some even hope to play for the Paralympics and Team USA!  Having these kids work and play on a team gives them such hope to dream, achieve, and be all they can be. What a blessing it is to help others!
     I am now volunteering with kids in all types of wheelchair sports, encouraging them to try new things to find the sport they love.  Although we can’t always prevent tragic situations or accidents that paralyze us physically, we can prevent kids and their families from being paralyzed emotionally. We can give them hope and a future; we can help them dream.  Please join with me and The Rolling Futures Foundation to make that difference today!  Your donation can provide the encouragement and support to make their dreams a reality and to take their achievements to the next level. Maybe even all the way to college and beyond!


Meet Hollis Muenster:

As the inspiration behind The Rolling Futures Foundation, Hollis demonstrates true determination and faith. Please join us in making these dreams a reality for other young, disabled athletes. All donations are appreciated!!

Supporting Recreation for Physically Disabled Children